August 10, 2020

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Who is harmed by eating green tomatoes?

Who should not eat green tomatoes

No one likes green tomatoes less. This delicious and juicy fruit has many properties, but some people should not use it, because if they eat green tomatoes, they will have problems. Consumption of green tomatoes even has an age limit. In this section on salt, we will tell you which group of people should not eat green tomatoes.

The use of green tomatoes is forbidden for these people

People with high blood pressure:

Most people often eat green tomatoes with a lot of salt. Salt is very dangerous to health, especially in people with high blood pressure and kidney patients who should not eat too much salt. Therefore, these people should avoid eating too much salt to eat green tomatoes.

Reflective people:

High levels of green thyme acid can cause heartburn, stomach pain and reflexes in people who suffer from stomach upsets.

At the time of the cry:

Excessive consumption of green tomatoes can cause mouth sores because green tomatoes are high in citric acid. Also, due to the bitterness and sweet taste of honey tomatoes, it causes tooth decay.

People with kidney stones:

According to experts, pregnant women suffering from kidney and urinary tract infections should avoid eating green tomatoes and plums, as the oxalic acid in these fruits can cause the production of crystal stones in the body of some people.

Children under 3 years of age:

From the age of three, children can eat a little green tomatoes, but before that, parents should make sure that the child is not allergic to green tomatoes.

Cold people:

Green tomatoes are cold in nature, and eating too much meat can cause problems for cold people. Therefore, it is best to eat green grapes with Angelica.

Pregnant woman:

Excessive consumption of green tomatoes by pregnant women can cause brain changes, dehydration and health problems for the fetus. In addition, there are no other side effects of eating green tomatoes during pregnancy. However, it is best for pregnant women to consult a doctor if they have any illness or allergies before eating green tomatoes.


In a previous article on humid health, we pointed out that people with diarrhea should not eat green tomatoes until the end of treatment, as eating this fruit increases the problem and causes more water loss from the body.

Sensitivity to green tomatoes:

Fruits that taste good, like other fruits, can cause allergies. These allergies are sometimes seen as skin allergies such as severe itchy skin, cracking, eczema and redness of the skin.

Spring fruit also causes other allergies, such as itching and burning on the surface of the tongue and palate. In most cases, the occurrence of pests in the mouth is also a sign of allergy to these fruits. The best treatment for these allergies is to avoid fruits and allergenic foods.


Usually, when children see spring fruit in a seemingly clean cart, they think the seller has cleaned it, they buy it, and eat it after salting.

But in reality, these foods are not clean and unscented, and the water that falls on them is just to keep them fresh and beautiful. Some vendors use well or atmospheric water for this purpose.

Green tomatoes, if left untreated, can cause stomach ailments such as typhoid and food poisoning.