DashUP Business Management

Build a business management platform and ERP uniquely designed for your business.

Integrate with all your favorite sources.
A ERP from CSV
Data Migration
user flow
1500+ third party connectors

Save your time and money for important things, leave the dashboard to us.

Convert any CSV into a completely customizable ERP. Together we can move build your next management platform, and build that upon all the tools you've always wanted!

DashUP is a fully customizable management platform

Create your own fully customizable business management dashboard, with as many integrations as you need.


Don't worry about the gadget you have. DashUP comes in every format.

Low Code

Spend less time creating the management application you deserve.


Utilize our existing connectors to pull your data automatically, or create your own!


HACCP Compliance? OSHA Compliance? Simply pick one of our compliant templates and start from there.


Bring your entire business with you on the go, whatever you create in DashUP will work perfectly on mobile.

And Much More

Give it a try yourself, if there's anything you think it needs, feel free to message us!

How does it work?

Step One

Select your template, or create your own

Select from a variety of base templates DashUP provides. Manage a warehouse? Select our warehouse template!

Alternatively you can upload all your current data in any form and DashUP will intelligently create your dashboard for you!

Step Two

Drag in whatever you need

DashUP gives you a variety of optional components to drag in and arrange. Does your warehouse also need invoicing? Drag in our invoicing logic!

You can also create new sections, modules or forms based around your own requirements.

Step Three

Alter whatever you need

Don't settle for things not quite living up to what you need, drag around your modules and sections in any way you like!

Step Four

Invite your team

Create different teams with different access within DashUP, then simply invite them all! Different teams can have different access to modules, forms or sections as you deem fit.

Step Five


Enjoy editable forms, changable sections, drag and drop modules and everything else you need to manage your business successfully!


Give it a go for free, shoot us a message and we'll walk you through how to build your own dashboard!

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